Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Thursday!

Congratulations Burbujas de Carne!

I want to send all the love in the world to my dear blogger friend JAHH from "Burbujas de Carne" ("Meat Bubbles") because he just reached the 1,000 posts mark.
He lives in Valencia, Spain and although his blog is in Spanish the selection of pictures that he has is awesome (proof of that is the picture above). So even if you don't speak the language you should visit and enjoy the view.
JAHH was the second blogger (after Steph and Alek from Ohlala) that included my blog on his list of links.
Congratulations my friend and hope to get to that point SOON!

Beautiful Rafael Nadal!

Aaaaaaahhhhhh what a cutie!

Celine Dion in Kansas City!

OK... so here I am all very excited because as I was watching the Oprah Show with Celine Dion as a guest, i see this TV spot saying that Celine Dion was coming to town on November 15th. I could not believe it! I started looking on loine to buy tickets and found out that... yes... she is coming to town November 15th 2008!!!!!!!!!!
So let's just wait for a year shall we!

Good Bye Cameron!

I cannot tell you how sad I am that my beloved Cameron has been voted off "Dancing With The Stars". I knew he wasn't going to win but it is going to be terrible to watch the show without him!
Good job Cameron! You rock!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Monday!

Monday's Crush - Josh Duhamel

He is the only reason that Friday nights are worth staying at home, I haven't missed a "Las Vegas" episode since it started.

5 interesting things about Josh
1* He was born November 14, 1972. So this week he will be turning 35!
2* His name is Joshua David Duhamel
3* He owns a restaurant in Minot, North Dakota called "10 North Main"
4* As a teenager he worked as alifeguard at a localpool
5* He has 3 younger sisters

Isn't Ryan Cute?

I know that alot ofpeople don't like Ryan Seacrest, but I have to say that I have a huge crush on him. He is just a cutie!

Nice To Meet You Franck Ribery!

Nice Packages Y'All!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

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American Urge has a nice selection of pictures from the Ginch Gonch Fashion Show at Toronto

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