Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Saturday!

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Our Rugby Daily Dose

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Thursday!

Cosmopolitan Missouri Hot Bachelor!

Name: Bjorn Melander
Age: 27
Hometown: Kansas City
Cosmo Username: MISSOURIBACH07
Occupation: Dental student
Personality profile: “I’m open-minded, driven, and sometimes a little stubborn.”
Music man: “My friends and I goof off by playing piano and singing. What we lack in talent, we make up for in enthusiasm.”
Girlfriend must-have: "Being able to trust a girl is crucial. Without trust, things won’t get off the ground.”
Favorite female body part: “Nice, toned arms.”
Dating deal breaker: “If she’s uncomfortable with my friends. A girl who can hang with my buds is appealing.”

Cosmopolitan Kansas Hot Bachelor!

Name: Cameron Anderson
Age: 24
Hometown: Wichita
Cosmo Username: KANSASBACH07
Occupation: Engineer/MBA student
In the words of the friend who nominated him: “Cameron is smart, sensitive, caring, and athletic. He always seems to find the positive in any situation.”
Spare-time stuff: “I like to fish and go wake-boarding. I enjoy the rush of the water.”
Girlfriend must-have: “I want to meet someone who has had a lot of experiences in her life. I like a woman who has been around the world and knows that everything doesn’t revolve around her.”
Wow him by wearing: “A short, pleated white skirt. It makes a girl’s legs look hot.”
Sweet chick move he digs: “When I get ­separated at a party from a woman I’m dating, I love when she comes back to me for a bit to let me know she’s thinking about me.”
Why do women: “Tend to overthink a problem or issue rather than solve it? Guys need to find a solution.”

Nice to meet you Novak Djokovic!

How My Cameron Did This Week?

Absolutely wonderful! I am sad that the pictures don't show how great his package looked. He is a cutie an my favorite in "Dancing with the Stars"!

Very sexy picture!

England rugby players Lewis Moody and Lee Mears seem to have a little fun while they are practicing. You can't tell me that this picture is hot, Lewis' face shows that he is actually enjoying it!

Nice Butt Tom Ford!

This month's Out Magazine has a great interview with Tom Ford. I have always been infatuated with him and now that I've seen his cute little butt I have moved him to the top of my list. What a sexy hot man!

Nice To Meet You Roman Pavlyuchenko!

Russian soccer player Roman Pavlyuchenko could take me out for dinner anytime!

This is why I love Argentina!

Men are gorgeous there, and this is just a sample... just look at those butts!!!!!!!

Rugby Daily Dose!

Ricky has a Star!

I'm glad for Ricky Martin, he has made it easier for other Latin singers to get world wide recognition. Very well deserved honor!