Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Nice to meet you William Levy

My best friend in Mexico told me that the only reason that he will be watching the telenovela "Pasion" is because William Levy, I can't blame him. William is gorgeous!

My Emmy picks

Best Drama Series: The Sopranos
Best Actor (Drama): James Gandolfini "The Sopranos"
Best Actress (Drama): Kyra Sedgwick "The Closer"
Best Supporting Actor (Drama): Masi Oka "Heroes"
Best Supporting Actress (Drama): Sandra Oh "Grey's Anatomy"

Best Comedy Series: "Ugly Betty"
Best Actor(Comedy): Alec Baldwin "30 Rock"
Best Actress(Comedy): America Ferrara "Ugly Betty"
Best Supporting Actor (Comedy): Rainn Wilson "The Office"
Best Supporting Actress (Comedy): Elizabeth Perkins "Weeds"

3,000 for Raul's Computer

Univision's host of "El Gordo y la Flaca", Raul de Molina is offering $3,000 to recover his computer that got stolen last week when he traveled from Miami to Los Angeles.
El Gordo says that he decided to put his lap top computer on his check in luggage and when he got to Los Angeles' hotel he realized that it had been stolen, he talked to the airline and he was told that he should have put his computer on his carry on luggage and that they were not responsible for it.
He stater offering $1,500 to get his computer back because he has around 9,000 pictures from some of his family trips and vacations, after a few days he co-host Lili Estefan offered to give $1,500 more for a total of $3,000 if the lap top computer is returned, no questions asked.

Tour of Missouri ends today

The Tour of Missouri is a 600-mile, six-day world-class bicycle race patterned after the Tour de Georgia and Amgen Tour of California. It is a race that features point-to-point racing. The race starts in Kansas City, September 11 and concludes September 16 in St. Louis, including legs to Clinton, Springfield, Branson, Lebanon, Columbia, Jefferson City, and St. Charles. The race features teams of eight from 15 of the world’s top professional cycling teams.

Juanes Protesting

When a lot of rapper singers complain and make a tantrum about not getting an award, Colombian singer Juanes sings during a protest against violence and kidnapping in Medellin, Colombia. I believe there is a big difference between one thing and the other, don't you think Kanye?

Fabian is a cutie!

It can't get cutier than German gymnast Fabian Hambuechen. Definetly one of my favorites!

Leonardo Piepoli's package

Leonardo Piepoli of Italy, followed by Denis Menchov of Russia, crosses the finish line to win the stage nine of the Tour of Spain 'La Vuelta' cycling race between Huesca and Cerler last week.

Entertainment Weekly Pre Emmy Party

Eric Dane, John Stamos and Wentworth Miller looked pretty handsome at the Entertainment Weekly party last night.

Sexy Rugby

The more I see pictures of rugby players the more I get into it... SEXY!