Saturday, June 09, 2007

Let's get naked!

Apparently the lack of security for cyclists and high oil prices were the reasons that started this protest in Madrid from hundreds of cyclists. They decided to ride through the streets naked.
Should we do the same here?

Nice to meet you Hrithik Roshan!

Surfing the web I found out that tonight Bollywood is celebrating their Indian International Academy Awards. As I browsed some of the pictures of the red carpet I found out this cutie called Hrithik Roshan.

Good bye Bob!

After 35 years hosting "The Price is Right", TV legend Bob Barker decided to retire (or probably the producers thought a little change would be nice). Early this week he taped the last round of shows that will running next week.
Barker said that he is happy but he doesn't know what he will do with his free time. Truth is that he will be missed, but he also needs to get some rest after 50 years of working on TV.

Daniel Zueras and his awesome threesome

He is a singer from Spain that participated in a reality show called "Operacion Triunfo" similar to what "American Idol" is here.
Needless to say that it has been causing a lot of comments, and he is keeping very private about his sexuality, but he seems to be ejoying it very much.
Nice video!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Isaiah Washington ... you are fired!

It is official, Isaiah Washington will not be returning to "Grey's Anatomy" next season. According to TV Guide, an ABC Studios spokesperson confirms that the actor's contract has not been renewed.
Apparently Isaiah said he is "mad as hell" about this decision, and I wonder what happened to the anger management course that he was supposed to attend. As a fan of the show I will certainly miss Dr. Burke (and I am sure that Christina Yang will miss him more) but I am glad that ABC did something about it.
Now my question is if TR Knight's contract has been renewed, he recently said that he didn't know if he was coming back to the show or not... we'll have to wait.

Paris Hilton... back to prison!

What a nice way to end the week! Paris Hilton was sent back to jail after her apperance on court today. She will have to serve out her entire 45 day sentence.
According to Yahoo she even had the nerve to scream "It's not right!". Let me tell you little girl what is not right is to be driving under the influnce with a suspended license.
Enjoy your stay!

The Pink Carpet: Gays, Lesbians, and Hollywood

One of my favorite gay organizations from Kansas City is the Heartland Men's Chorus. Every year they do an outstanding job with their presentations and they have a pretty big following. I can say I am one of their biggest fans and I try to enjoy every single one of their presentations. Next week they will be presenting their summer event called "The Pink Carpet: Gays, Lesbians, and Hollywood".

The show will feature the one and only Leslie Jordan and will combine provocative narration, film clips and the great voices of the HMC. They are performing Saturday, June 9 at 8:00 pm and Sunday, June 10, at 4:00 pm at the Folly Theater.

For more details click here

Missouri Senator Jolie Justus ... drag king!

Camp scored a thumbs up cover on their Gay Pride issue, having Missouri State Senator Jolie Justus posing as herself and as a drag king. The creative team behind this project are Dusti Cunningham and Andrew Chambers.
Congratulations to them for the great and fun idea and to Jolie for her sense of humor and guts to decide to do this.
Thanks to John Long, Editorial Director of Camp for getting in touch with me.

Jericho will be back

The fans have been heard. CBS decided to order seven additional episodes for 2008 of TV series drama "Jericho" starring Skeet Ulrich.
After being cancelled, fans went crazy and started a campaign of sending peanuts to CBS. It is said that they received 20 tons of nuts!

Bitten by the bug!

Sarah Jessica Parker is ready to get her new clothing line out. The name of the brand is "Bitten" and is available at Steve & Barry's. The good thing for all women is that tthey have all sizes and the price is not higher than $20.00!

And apparently the "Sex and the City" movie is back on, it seems like all 4 actresses have agreed to do it and the studios are supporting the project, let's just hope that the magic of the show stills on because to be honest I have never seen a TV series that makes it tothe movies successfully.

Paris out... what a joke!

It is unbelievable that after just 73 hours Paris Hilton has been sent back home for house arrest. Whatever the reasons, whatever the circumstances this is just ridiculous. I am sure she will suffer a lot staying at her nice mansion. Let's just wait for the next time that she screws up, hopefully nobody will get hurt, because apparently that's what the judge is waiting for.

Nice throw Nick!

My boy Nick Lachey throws out the first pitch before the start of a baseball game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds.
If he looks hot doing this in jeans, can you imagine him with a baseball player outfit... wow!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Kelsey Smith

Cute Koalas visiting KC Zoo

In this picture from the Kansas City Star we can see Kansas City zookeeper Natalie Johnson with one of the two koalas that are visiting us for the summer.
Their names are Miimi and Nariah and they are here from San Diego and boy they are cute. Two excellent reasons to visit the Kansas City Zoo now!

Vanity Fair: Africa

Bono from U2 has become the first-ever guest editor of Vanity Fair. Bono has edited the July's issue of the magazine dedicated to Africa and that has a special concept of 20 different covers, all of them shot by Annie Leibovitz.

Some of the personalities that participated are: President George Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Queen Rania, Brad Pitt, Djimon Hounsou, Bill & Melinda Gates, Iman, Alicia Keys, Don Cheadle among many others.
The picture above shows Madonna and Maya Angelou.

Jennifer Aniston's new romance revealed that the man Jennifer Aniston was seen having a cozy dinner with over Memorial Day weekend is model Paul Sculfor. She was seen holding hands with him and now he will have to deal with the media that I am sure will not leave him alone.
I really hope that this works out for both of them, Jen definitely deserves some romance!

Adam Stein's "Dough: The Musical"

As part of their assignments for this week the directors to-be from "On The Lot" had to do a 3 minute movie. Adam Stein went the extra mile and did a hilarious one called "Dough: The Musical", enjoy!

KC Holds World Record

More than 1,680 guitar players gather to brake the World record of the most number of guitars playing at the same time. The song was Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water". Congratulations KYYS!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Who knew he was so rich?

I am not a big fan of Larry David, but I do know that there are a lot of people out there that are, but I was shocked to find out that he is worth around $600 million dollars... who knew?

Of course all this numbers come out now that he is divorcing his wife Laurie after 14 years of marriage.
Good luck to both of them!

Ocean's 13 - Booooooooring!

As promised I went to see "Ocean's 13" last night, my goodness how can a movie with so many hunks can be boring! Well, it was.
I have to say that half the movie I was about to fall sleep and the other half I was seriously thinking about leaving the theatre. But I guess the last 30 minutes are pretty entertaining, but it just takes forever to get to the actual heist.

I would have loved to see at least a little appearance of Julia Roberts, but she is not in the movie at all.
I know that this is just my opinion and it might be different than yours, but if you like it let me know!

By the way Matt, Brad and George placed their hands and shoes in cement as part of the 'Ocean's 13' movie promotion yesterday outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

Paris Hilton - Inmate 9818783

Well, I know that you have seen this picture everywhere but I had to put it in here as well. Truth be told is not that I have bad wishes for her, but I hope that at least she gets the responsibility that she has for being a "celebrity". Now we have to hear, read and see everything about every single day that she will be in jail. Hey... at least they let her keep her hair extensions... that's hot!

"Rescue Me" back on FX

On June 13th season number 4 of "Rescue Me" will begin on FX. The promo campaign is already on and I have to say that the poster of Denis Leary is pretty eye catching. I am not a huge fan of the show but when I have had the chance to see it I can say that it is pretty well written, acted and directed. It seems to have a loyal following of fans, and that's what matters. Hope you like the picture as much as I did!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ocean's 13 premieres this Friday!

I am going this afternoon to a screening of "Ocean's 13" and to be honest i am really looking forward to see it. I know that the second one was kind of bad, but I just love to see the chemistry that Matt Damon, George Clooney and Brad Pitt have.
I will let you know tomorrow if the move is worth watching or not, in the mean time let's enjoy the beauty of this three men.

Criss Angel's new trick!

This morning illusionist Criss Angel did a new stunt act in New York. Now he escaped from a cement box suspended above Times Square.
He was enclosed for 24 hours in a box that was filled with liquid cement when the countdown got to zero, apparently he was still inside the box, but when the box crashed on the floor, he appeared on top of the screen.
Truth be told, he is cute, he is talented and magic or not he is getting a lot of attention.
His show "Mindfreak" starts its new season tonight on A&E.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Next Food Network Star

The new season of the "Next Food Network Star" started on Sunday and I already have my two favorites. Of course my selection has nothing to do with their cooking skills but on how cute they look.

First Paul McCullough, 36 years old and from Los Angeles, California. And then Adrien Sharp, 29 years old from Jackson, Michigan.
Good luck to both of them!

Enrique Iglesias at G-A-Y club

Enrique Iglesias is promoting his new album and he went to G-A-Y club in London and while he was singing the song "Hero" he invited a fan and had a lot of fun!

Dancing with Eva

Eva Longoria hosted the 2007 edition of the Alma Awards and she decided to show the audience a few good moves sharing the stage with absolut hunk Mario Lopez. The show will be aired tomorrow for ABC.

I love you Salma!

A very pregnant Salma Hayek attended the taping of the ALMA Awards in Pasadena California. She got the award for outstanding television series for "Ugly Betty" the successful show where she is executive producer.

The show will be aired tomorrow night for ABC.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Beautiful Rodrigo Santoro!

Rodrigo Santoro ("300") attended the MTV Movie Awards, unfortunately he lost the award to Best Villain to Jack Nicholson ("The Departed").

It is also a shame that Paulo, his character in TV series "Lost" got killed off this season. I am sure going to miss him.

Nice way to make them wrap things up

The MTV Movie Awards decided to hire this guy to make winners wrap their speeches upand be brief. It worked so great that now the Oscars are considering hiring him for their next year's ceremony.

Paris Hilton at the MTV Movie Awards

Well Paris Hilton decided to show up at the MTV Movie Awards, she talked to the press and gave an exclusive interview to MTV and seemed to be having a lot of fun, up to the point when Sarah Silverman made fun of her and got the laughs of pretty much everybody.
Good luck Paris, we certainly are not going to miss you!

Beautiful Orlando Bloom

I went to the movies last night and I made the terrible decision to watch "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End". My goodness, the movie is long, long, long... almost 3 hours!

The only good thing is that I enjoyed every minute of Orlando Bloom's on screen time, even when he is trying to look trashy, he looks absolutely gorgeous!