Monday, August 14, 2006

My new Yoga instructor

While I was in Mexico I watched the TV show "Hoy" (Today). Every single day the show starts with a yoga instructor showing some moves. The best part is when he takes off his shirt and shows his great body. Unfortunately there are not a lot of pictures of him on the internet, but if you have Galavision you can see him every morning at 9:00 am (Central US time). His name is Alejandro Maldonado and boy he is cute!

Very cute swimmer

Long distance swimmer Lewis Pugh celebrates in front of the Houses of Parliament, London, during his attempt to swim the length of the River Thames, 325 kilometres from its source. Lewis Pugh, 36, who was the first person to complete long-distance swims in all five world oceans, finished the 203-mile (327 kilometres) swim in Southend, in eastern England, having begun on July 17 in Gloucestershire, western England.

Speedo Italia!

Italian 4 x 200m freestyle relay team (from left) Filippo Magnini, Massimiliano Rosolino, David Berbotto, and Nicola Cassio of Italy celebrate during the European Aquatic Championships in Budapest last week. It is a shame that we can't see a lot!

Monday's Crush

Pedro Moreno is part of the cast of Telemundo's "La Viuda Blanca" (The White Widow). The name of his character is Querubin and boy is he handsome!

5 interesting things about Pedro:
1* He was born September 14, 1980
2* He was born in La Habana, Cuba
3* He loves sports and he actually practices: Baseball, martial arts and swimming
4* He was part of the reality show "Protagonistas de Telenovela"
5* He has been living in the USA since November 2000

I'm back!

After a couple of weeks out, I am back to good old Kansas City. Thanks to the visitors that kept coming during my absence. Everything should be back to normal today!